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To whom it may concern:
Dr. S. Skolnik has asked me to write this letter of recommendation for him. I am very pleased and honored to do this.

I have been a patient of Dr. Skolnik since April, 1996. I was needing a new chiropractic doctor when he was recommended to me by Marlene Tonjes. I am very thankful for that recommendation.

I have been plague with a health condition for 20 years with pain in my neck and shoulders, primarily my right shoulder. I have seen many kinds of doctors and have had alternative medical treatments through out the last 20 years. I have had some success at the pain subsiding, but always returning on some level.

I can truly say since being his patient, I have made considerable gains in being rid of pain. With the treatment he has given me, I feel I have made substantial gains in the pain level subsiding. And the other aspect of the pain was/is the emotional connection of the pain. He is also concerned about that.

I feel that Dr. Skolnik is interested in more than just the physical side of his patients.  I feel he is also interested in the emotions and mental aspect of the patient and how the physical pain effects the patient on those levels.

I believe he understands the process of Reiki healing and applies that when it is appropriate. This is where I feel he is concerned about the patient on all levels and helps the patient let go of more than just the physical pain by applying his knowledge of Reiki healing. I am calling it Reiki healing, because I don't know any other words to call it and I have seen some Reiki healing techniques.

He brings the the patient (me) along, step by step with his knowledge and concern for wanting to help his patient. I have seen the joy in him when I have made progress in gaining my health back.

I feel he has a gift and that his first concern is helping his patient be healthy. I also feel he has a great sensitivity towards his patient. I sense he combines his medical knowledge and this intuitive understanding to help his patient to better health.

 I am honored to write this letter.


Joan Dawson

To whom it may concern:

Following a return plane flight from Europe to California, I developed a chronic and severe pain on the right side of my face. It felt like a tooth (nerve) pain and earache combined. I sought advice from my doctor and dentist. After several consultations, I underwent a root canal and was also prescribed antibiotics and pain pills. Since I was pregnant, I preferred not to take many medications.

After three weeks of continued discomfort, I was referred to an NTE specialist who ruled out sinus problems and diagnosed me with TMJ. With this information, I asked Dr. Skolnik if he could help me. He has performed treatments on my cervical and lumbar spine for nearly a year. Under his care my overall posture and lifestyle have greatly improved.

Dr. Skolnik evaluated my jaw and worked on it manually. After three treatments the pain was complete gone! He also advised me on ways to relax my jaw muscles by gentle pressue applied with my fingers to different facial areas.

Dr. Skolnik's manner is professional, gentle and informative. He has been very successful with my treatment program. I fell that I can highly recommend his services and skills to anyone.


Maria S. Brown

I have been under the care of Dr. Skolnik for approximately one and a half years. I came to him with back pain and have benefited greatly while in his care. I mentioned to him that I have suffered from menstrual cramps for years and under his recommendation I have been taking calcium, magnesium, and vitamin B-12. My once cronic pain in now only a rare mild discomfort. The use of the vitamins have made an incredible difference. I would recommend using these vitamins to ease menstrual pain over the painkillers I had relied on before. I am very happy with the results.

Joan Estrada

Dr. Skolnik:

I want to take this time to thank you for the treatment that I received from you. You may recall that I came to see you about my right wrist bone in mid December. I had been experiencing pain in my wrist bone for several months. The wrist bone was very tender to the touch (almost like a bruise) and the pain started radiating down my pinky finger. I had been wearing a wristband for several weeks, but I was getting no relief.

After one treatment with the Activator, I had instant relief and the pain has never reoccurred. What I discovered later and which I had never mentioned to you was the fact that I had been experiencing numbness in both my hands at night for several years and that after that adjustment, the numbness in my right hand was gone also.

I don't know if you've used this method on your other patients or if you have had success using this procedure, but I know that it worked for me and I will be forever grateful.

Thank you again for relieving my pain and for giving me restful nights again.


Diane Bunker

July, 2000

It was February and the third time I had been in a wheelchair. A friend of mine had decided to make me an appointment with Dr. Skolnik. I was very nervous and hesitant on going to see him, after all; I had seen more than 10 different doctors and 5 specialists, but no one knew what was wrong with my legs.

After an intense thorough examination and a few diagnosis's, Dr. Skolnik said he could help me. I didn't believe him until I felt the difference after the first few treatments. Little by little I regained strength in my legs and lower back. After a few months I was feeling well enough to use a cane if I didn't have far to walk. After having the cane only a few weeks, Dr. Skolnik told me, "You'll be walking without that cane in mid June." And on June 15th, 1999, I started walking again without the use of a cane.

On June 15th, 2000, I've been walking for a full year. This is the first time in three years that I've been able to walk without going back into the wheelchair. I, 100% believe in the powers, knowledge and wisdom that Dr. Skolnik has, after all, he game me the use of my legs and back again. He is truly a miracle to me.

Stacy Barros

[ Note: as of 08/07/08, Stacy has never returned to a cane, crutches nor a wheel chair - Dr. Skolnik ]

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